quoteI loved working with Holly Franklin on the voice overs for Charlie & Company, and a song that I wrote for her character. She’s a real asset, irreplaceable in the role that she brings so much life to. She’s a true pro, punctual, amiable, and takes direction very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!
– Brian Vander Ark, Lead Singer, School Zone & The Verve Pipe

quoteHolly Franklin, where to begin? To say Holly is AMAZING is an understatement. Her energy, talent and versatility make her one of my all-time favorite voice actors! She is one-of-a-kind!
– Keith Alcorn, Co-Creator, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

quoteI contracted Holly Franklin to provide voice acting talent for a children’s puppet show I was producing and directing in 2010. Holly was a joy to work with and delivered quality work in a professional manner. Recommended.
– Jeff Brown, Creator, Zow Now

quoteHolly is one of the most talented comic actresses I’ve ever worked with. She brings enthusiasm, joy and a supportive spirit to the set. Her humor is both physical and cerebral–always seeking new directions and experimenting with ideas. She’ll stretch herself without effort and always strives to deliver perfection. I can’t wait to work with her again. She’s a great actress.
– Steve Feldman, Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Sesame Street

quoteHolly is a really unique voice talent. She’s charming, directable and no one sounds like her. She’s truly the great BIG little voice.
– Bruce Carey, Private Voice Coach, Voices Carey

quoteHolly, Holly, Holly, I’ve had the professional pleasure of working with Holly Franklin over many years and many projects. She’s one of those people that helps everyone in the studio feel good when she hit’s the door. She come’s in and the producers are at ease; they know they’re in good hands with a great performer.

Her voice is immediately recognizable, but what you don’t hear is all the ways she can take direction and push a script exactly where you need it to go. It’s one thing to have a good instrument, it’s another to be an voice actress. This is where Holly is tops amongst the many talent I get to hear every week. I’ve heard her play multiple age ranges and personality types solidly.

As a composer I have thrown her a few curve balls, and she always makes the piece work. I continue to look forward to many sessions with her in the future.
– Mark Menza, Composer, Menza Music

quoteWe have represented Holly for quite some time now and have never known her to be anything but incredibly professional, amazingly talented and a joy to work with. And that VOICE! She’s easily one in a billion, or more than one if you need multiple characters!
– Erik Sheppard, Owner / Agent, Voice Talent Productions